It is said that the body has limits. These limits might sometimes hinder you and it can also help in challenging you to push yourself further. There are also limits set to keep you safe and your body functional.
Myostatin is the natural element that stops the body. It forms an invisible genetic wall that allows you to stop. Even with the rigorous training and the best diet, there will still be this wall. Myostatin prevents you from further improving.
If you feel that there’s still room for improvement, taking a myostatin inhibitor can be a good choice. It prevents the myostatin from acting up and you can continue doing what is needed to help you.

YK-11: a Prohormone or SARM
Because it often displays the abilities of SARMs products and it also has the good effects of prohormone bodybuilding supplements, YK11 is often mistaken as both. The truth is, it’s neither.
Despite the constant debates about what category it really belongs, YK11 is a myostatin inhibitor. And despite having almost similar effects, there are differences in the mechanics of how it works.
It works by releasing Follistatin which is the main compound that can easily disarm myostatin and keep your body working.

Benefits of using YK-11
Follistatin levels are increased. And with this, it easily blocks myostatin. Whatever ‘limits’ are set by the compound can easily be taken cared of. This helps you in increasing the muscle mass and the gains that you’re going to experience.
Another benefit of using the compound is the support that it provides during muscle breakdowns.
More than the bulk gain, you’re able to attain lean sizes of mass. So if you’re thinking of cutting and losing weight, this particular drug is the best choice for you.

Because it doesn’t display any of the androgenic properties, there will be no issues regarding the increase of estrogen levels. AAS has the ability to aromatize your testosterone into estrogen. And when that happens, certain undesirable developments occur. For instance, it can be the cause of gynecomastia development as well as too much water retention.

Muscular strength is also supported and is something that will help you.