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Thread: E.A.S. is dead

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    Default E.A.S. is dead

    For those who remember Phosphagen and Body For Life, a bit of a red letter day.

    Email from Bill Phillip:

    EAS, DEAD. Myoplex, and all other EAS Supplements, Discontinued! The #1 Leader in the Fitness Industry through its Golden Era, has been officially shut down.

    From: Bill Phillips, Former CEO of EAS, Author of Body-for-LIFE
    August 4, 2018

    Sad and Shocking New Today: EAS MYOPLEX has been offically discontinued. EAS is completely shut down. Abbott, the pharmaceutical giant with a market cap of over 114 BILLION dollars, announced suddenly and recently that they are done with EAS. They aquired my former company through a complicated business deal a decade and some years ago.

    Abbott ran it as best they could but it slowly but surely lost everything that made it a special, powerful brand. EAS no more. They didn't sell the brand because they wanted the shelf space EAS products were on in mass market retailerds for some of their new Ensure products and diabetes products. Abbott has been so hugely profitable in their drug business... making BILLIONS of dollars for their shareholders. They could simply use their investment in EAS as a write off against stunning corporate profits the last couple years. I don't care much for big business but I do care about big muscles... yours and mine! =)
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    EAS was one off the pioneer brands. More nostalgic at this point than something people were using and Abbott has to run their business as they see fit.

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    First supplement I bought was a bag of EAS protein powder.
    It's A Package Deal

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    Yes - sad indeed. I sell against EAS, so seeing some retail slots open up is always good, but the truth is our customers (the sports nutrition consumer), have very short memories.

    Im 47 years old and I remember EAS at the forefront of the industry. Pioneers in Creatine and HMB, and controlling the protein category for the better part of a decade with Myoplex. I remember Body for Life and MM2000....
    But the truth is that most consumers in our spade do not even remember Jack3D as a pre workout and that was only like five years ago!

    I still have several editions of the Sports Supplement Review Bill Phillips and Vince Andrich put together.

    Sad indeed to see the brand gone... but times changes and that's all you can really do about it..

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