Hi guys,

This is now my second time utilizing the DP Keto Diet on a short prep for a contest.

If I am not entirely happy about my overall condition running into the last week before show, what would be the protocol with "peaking" if any atall?

My instinct tells me that I should just continue with the diet foods leading into the show and not change anything up....BUT HERE'S THE PROBLEM.

When I followed Dave's diet last year for the last 3 weeks of prep, my coach at the time told me to not do anything drastic (no carb load) as he thought I wasn't lean enough to load or experiment.

So I never did the thurs-sat carb load, just continued with normal diet food.

Needless to say I followed his advice begrudgingly and came in flatter than expected for the show.

After a satisfying binge post-show with burger, fries, fizzy drink, alcohol and other snacks I looked like I could've won the damned Mr Olympia!

I was extremely disappointed and vowed to just do a junk load the night before the show again.

However, this year I am even more peeled than I was last.

Should I stick to what worked last time with a junk load the night before and carb load from the Thursday this time?

P.S I have been doing the protein/veg alternative for the last 3 weeks, a switch from the protein/fats to really shred up 4 weeks out.