Today, 31 August 2018 are exactly 5 years since the last race of Daniele Seccarecci.

the competition in which he took part was held in FinLandia.

PRO IFBB Nordic PRO 2013
The ranking:

1 Baitollah Abbaspour
2 Lionel Beyeke
3 Aliaksei Shabunya Аляксей Шабуня
4 Aleksei Lesukov Алексей Лесуков
5 Emiliano Dell'Uomo
6 Daniele Seccarecci
7 Jeno Kiss
8 Mohamad Bannout
9 Jerry Ossi
10 Mathias Botthof
11 Alexandre Nataf
12 Mehdi Hatami
13 Jari Mentula

this is a video I made a year after his death and I posted it on youtube on 31st August 2014. I hope you like it.