Clearly Kai Greene is headed west out of Brooklyn in this recent footage, his Olympia-physique wrapped and concealed in black sweats. Or he just doesn't give a f*ck anymore.

When reached for a reaction to Kai's vulnerable mode of transportation, possibly west to Las Vegas, his manager and CEO of Dynamik Muscle, Adam Paz, had this to say:

"No we are not attending the Mr. Olympia. Kai has dedicated his life to lifting free weights and especially using a barbell to bench press massive amounts of weight, and now he's in his 40's and has been unsuccessful in tearing a pec up to this point or managing to acquire any type of major injury ... so clearly we're exploring new avenues in an attempt to finally acquire a major injury [in this case from riding a scooter around Brooklyn]. Once he finally falls onto the pavement and suffers multiple fractures of important bones we'll document his epic comeback to bodybuilding and regaining size. Stay tuned on"