1. Who is Rhoden's main challenger next year? Big Ramy (6th) and Roelly Winklaar (3rd) seem to have the most potential in the immediate future, with William Bonac (4th) and Brandon Curry (5th) hovering between the first and second tier with certain physique limitations.

2. Do Phil Heath (2nd), Dexter Jackson (7th), Kai Greene or Dennis Wolf come back to the Olympia stage in 2019? And if so, with the exception of Phil Heath, which shows should they choose for qualification attempts?

3. Does Iain Valliere (14th) have the most long-term Olympia potential out of anyone not already in the top 6? He seems to have the freaky mass and conditioning potential required, along with the mindset and youth to put it all together. He finished one spot better than Jay did in 1999 at his first Olympia, but is more Dorian than Jay physique-wise, though they're all killers in their own way.

1. Not many people realize that 2x champ Breon Ansley is 38-years-old ... if you were wondering where all of that muscle maturity and conditioning comes from. Does the youthful Chris Bumstead (2nd) mature into a physique capable of dethroning Breon, or does he need to move up to the open class as guys like Steve Laureus (7th), Robert Timms (15th) and Wesley Vissers (16th/DNP) all show the potential to define the division.

2. Who is most likely to become an open class bodybuilder? Bumstead? Do Grimes (8th) or Ano (4th) ever go back?

3 George Peterson got 3rd on his back and conditioning, but will his look/frame always limit him in Classic, or can he ever battle for a title? And speaking of battling, can the streamlined Arash Rahbar ever contend again?

1. Did the judges keep Derek Lunsford in 2nd because he's seen as the heir-apparent to Flex Lewis? Or does Hadi Choopan ever make it to the Olympia stage and bury all comers?

2. Will David Henry (6th) be next year's Jose Raymond and call it a career with one more top 6, or will he keep going as a mid-pack guy?

3. Am I crazy or do Nicolas Vullioud (11th) and Zane Watson (12th) have as much potential as Kamal Agargni (3rd) and Ahmed Ashkanani (4th)? And can Nicolas Vullioud even stay in the division with his struggle to make weight or will he have to move up like Bumstead, Flex Lewis (etc...) if he really wants to reach the potential of his physique?

1. Do Jeremy Buendia (4th), George Brown (9th) and Jeremy Potvin (10th) see the writing on the wall?

2. Who has the most potential to take down Brandon Hendrickson? Raymond Edmonds (2nd, Ryan Terry (3rd) or Andre Ferguson (5th)?

3. With the division getting bigger and more ripped each year does it eventually merge with Classic? Or are board shorts here to stay?

1. Is Shanique Grant going to break Iris Kyle's record of 10 Olympia's in 2028?

2. What happened to Kira Neuman (16th/DNP)? She was 4th in 2016 and 2017.

3. Did Dani Reardon, former runner-up in 2016, retire, or will she remain in perpetual limbo with 4x champ Juliana Malacarne?


1. I always prefered Candice Lewis-Carter (2nd), but has Cidney Gillon separated herself now with 2 Olympia wins in a row? She seemed overpowering this time and left no question.

2. Former champ Latorya Watts is coming back in 2019. Does she have a chance? Or again, has Gillon just become the definition of the division?

3. Does Melissa Bumstead (12th) have the most potential out of any woman not already in the top 6? Or is there another up and coming competitor with a very clear top-6 written all over her?

1. Did Whitney Jones deserve to win following the reigns of Adele Garcia and Oksana Grishina and their vast array of power moves in their routines?

2. Will Myriam Capes or Bethany Wagner ever win?

2. Who has more potential, Kate Errington (11th) or Ariel Khadr (7th)? Kate Errington won the Arnold Australia and finished 2nd at the Arnold Ohio, so her 11th here was quite a fall. I was also very impressed with Jaclyn Baker's (10th) physique, power moves and body control.

1. Do Ashley Kaltwasser (5th), India Paulino (12th) and Narmin Assria (14th) see the writing on the wall?

2. My favorite Margret Gnarr was unable to make the trip from Iceland for health reasons. Other than her not competing my only other disappointment from seeing Natoshia Coleman finish 16th/DNP. Were there any other notable disappointments? Another 3rd for Janet Layug? Does the IFBB dangle the carrot so she never packs up her beauty and leaves the stage for good?

3. Is Lauralie Chapados (2nd) our next Bikini Olympia winner? She certainly has everything they're looking for and the judges don't seem to like extending a champ beyond 2-3 years in this division. But if anyone can have an extended run (matching and surpassing Kaltwasser's 3 wins) it's someone like Angelica Teixeira who brings consistency in her physique and maintains a clean representation/reputation.