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    Default Phil Heath and Ron Harris Interview

    The interview that Ron Harris had with Phil Heath was a very boring video and Phil Heath Had to mad all them softball questions! I understand Ron wanted to be nice but Wow di he blow it! Phil Heath still have not humble himself in my opinion. He still don't see why he lost the title. He quick to point fingers. He stated he felt sorry for Kai Greene and his camp and so on. If I could tell Ron anything if would be grow some fucking balls dude. Ron should been like Phil in my opinion Shawn smocked your ass in every front pose and your belly look horrible brother lol! what you guys opinion on that Interview

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    Ron is a terrible interviewer; plain and simple. Always has been and always will be. And this is not a personal attack, but rather an observation from a journalist.

    Case in point, I covered the Jets while I was the Editor-in-Chief of a sports print publication and ripped them a new asshole when it was warranted. And I asked touchy questions such as when Brandon Marshall brought race into an equation. That's what a real journalist does.

    Ron's explanation was that he wants to remain in the good graces of these guys and asking them tougher questions will strain that relationship. That is debatable, depending on the interview subject. When it comes to Heath, I agree; he is a diva and will make you persona non grata. But that's what makes it a good interview; if a guy walks off or ignores you in the future, he is fair game for criticism when it is warranted.

    Ron has to be nice to everyone because - as he has freely admitted on numerous occasions - MD will not be granted press passes if they are critical of anything federation related. I don't even know where to start with that, but rest assured at best it makes your coverage useless and one-sided. Who gives a fuck if you're going to fluff these guys up like a cuck?

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