Hey all,

So these pictures are taken 18 days apart.

I have been lifting for over 21 years, obviously I'm a life long natural but I have been as heavy as 240lbs with a 1,340lb total.

I was without a gym membership for the first time ever and was out of the gym 4mo. I had a pair of dbs and a pull up and dip bar to use sporadically, that's all.

I am now back in the gym. I have been there everyday except 4 in the last 18 days.
The only addition is more protein powder and regular old creatine monohydrate.

First pic I'm 189lbs at 6'1"
Second pic I'm 200lbs exactly.

What do you guys think? I've seen pics of people on a cycle and I'd go so far as to say most dont transform as fast as muscle memory naturally can in certain situations, like mine.

I'm pretty happy with the quick rebound.