C4 Carbonated Midnight Cherry Energy Drink



Midnight Cherry - Midnight Cherry is another phenomenal flavor to the C4 carbonated line. Take Xtend Perform Black Cherry and a diet cherry coke and mix them together. The hybrid of those two flavors is what this energy drink resembles. Upon first sip you get the sweetness of the black cherry xtend. When the aftertaste kicks in is when the density of the cherry really shines. With a steady amount of carbonation the flavors compliment each other perfectly to soar towards the top of my ranking. Cellucor continues to out do themselves with each new flavor they produce.


The formula carries over vitamin B6 and B12, which is found in both Bang and Hyde Power Potion. There is also a performance energy blend of 6.7g that contains:

Beta-Alanine – Designed to delay the onset of fatigue, resulting in improved power and performance

Citrulline Malate – Supports an increase in nitric oxide levels, pumps, and delays lactic acid build up

Betaine – Maintains your cells’ electrolyte concentration and supports hydration

N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine – Supports mental and cognitive health.

Compared to Bang & Hyde, which have COQ10 and BCAA’s, this is a different twist to an energy drink. I personally find these hit just as hard as their competition and provide a minor boost during training.


$22.40 Case of 12, which is under $2. Stop into any convenience store and most people pay around $2.50-$3 a can. With the discount, it is very affordable and comparable to other energy drinks on the market. Given the cost, formula, and taste I would suggest these carbonated energy drinks for an afternoon get me up, replacement to coffee, or a carbonated pre-workout beverage.


So here is the big one most people want to know. How does it stack up vs Bang and Hyde Power Potion.

Let us first understand what each one has and what differs.

Bang à Stronger Carbonation, BCAA, Creatine, COQ10, B12, B6, Taurine, 300mg Caffeine

Hyde à Less Carbonation, Sweeter Taste, 350mg Caffeine, LCLT (recovery), Citrulline (Pump), Teacrine & Choline (Nootropics)

Cellucor C4 Carbonated à Moderate Carbonation, bold flavors, No artificial colors/dyes (Purple Frost), Blend of Beta-Alanine (Endurance), Betaine (Performance), Citrulline (Pump/ Prevent Lactic Acid Build Up)

For those looking for the strongest energy and focus à Hyde

If you favor straight flavor à Bang

If you favor Performance and a good tasting product à C4 Energy Drinks


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2. Midnight Cherry
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