Sinister Labs SinFit Protein Cookie Snickerdoodle Chocolate Chip & Pumpkin Spice


Pumpkin Spice – As Labeled by the website “Our Pumpkin Spice Protein Cookie is a festively delicious flavor combination of pumpkin, cinnamon, and cheesecake that is covered with vanilla icing and topped off with graham cracker pieces”

Upon opening the wrapper there are tons of graham cracker pieces. This is a common trend with the chocolate chip based flavors. The initial bite packs a strong pumpkin puree taste with the luscious vanilla-icing aftertaste of the glaze. The cheesecake is very subtle in the flavoring as the cinnamon is the dominant complimentary flavor to the cookie. The graham provides a nice crunch to the soft baked protein snack, and helps amplify the cinnamon spice laced in the cookie. If you are a Basic B Sinister Labs absolutely hit this one out of the ballpark. Buy with ease if you love pumpkin. If you are not a big pumpkin fan try to grab one offline or in store to give it a shot.

Snickerdoodle Chocolate Chip - Snickerdoodle chocolate chip has a slight resemblance to the cinnamon crunch bar. Upon your first bite of the cookie you get the sweet cinnamon sugar flavor. With the luscious taste of the cinnamon sugar is soon paired with a surmounting brown sugar aftertaste. The chocolate chips help enhance the overall experience with a dense flavor that melts in your mouth. The hybrid of a snickerdoodle cookie and brown sugar pop tart inclusion really sets this flavor off.


The texture on these is identical to the SinFit bars. The outside glaze is soft and provides a delicious flavor. These are baked cookies, so they resemble the texture of a brownie. These cookies are becoming very popular because they melt in your mouth with how they give you the chewiness of a true cookie. Another nice thing about these is they do need to be microwaved, and they are not so soft you can piece them with your fingers.


Per Bar:
Calories ~ 310
12g Fat
35g Carbs
20g Protein

The macro profile is very similar to their bars being on the higher side in calories. The protein is made up of WPC and WPI. What some consumers may not like is the added vegetable oils to the cookie, but that does help with the fat content and flavor. What I like is these are not heavy fiber bars, which glycerin or prebiotic fiber in large amounts can cause a lot of bloating or GI distress. These are flavored with sucralose and have added maltodextrin to enhance the sweetness of the flavor.


If you shop smart you can get boxes for under $20, which is under $2/cookie. Most will pay around $3 a cookie if you stop by a local mom and pop or order them individually offline. These are the best protein cookies on the market. have not had a bad flavor yet from the company, and they continue to get better with each release. I would suggest grabbing Sinister Labs cookies if you have never tried them before.

Flavor Rankings

  1. Pumpkin Spice
  2. SnickerDoodle Chocolate Chip
  3. Birthday Cake
  4. Chocolate Chip
  5. Peanut Butter