Campus Protein White Frost & Lemon Drop Fuel Pre-Workout


White Frost - White Frost fuel is a mirror image of a White Monster energy drink in a powder form. While tasting the beverage you can pick up small hints that resemble carbonation to give you the replica of the carbonated can. If you never had a white monster this beverage provides a grapefruit/ citrus flavored soda. The way the sour and sweet flavors congeal together make a very refreshing flavor. If you ever had a squirt soda or fresca this is a good example of what to expect going into this product or buying the energy drink. Overall this exceeds Hyde Power Potion in Winter Blast as the best white monster replica I had and the taste was absolutely spectacular.

Lemon Drop - The lemon drop flavor in Fuel has surpasses my lemon hater taste buds. The density of the flavor is on the bold side on the initial taste. As this flavor hits your taste buds you pick up a slight zest in the aftertaste to enhance the sweetness of the lemon. You really get the best of both worlds with a strong initial taste and a zesty aftertaste. This is by far the best lemon I have had to date. It is not overpowering, it is not dull, and it is done just right. This is extremely refreshing and any lemon fan will truly enjoy this one!

Ranking of Fuel Flavors:
1) White Frost
2) Sour Watermelon Wedges
3) Lemon Drop
** Remember I am not a big lemon fan ***

CP Fuel mixes with ease. Just touching the water the powder will start to dissolve. I even mixed with a spoon in water and had nothing stick to the cup. I was amazed at how flawless this does mix. In a blender bottle or shaker bottle you will have no particles floating around or any foaming. This is a huge plus to the product especially if you ware on the go and want to just add it to a water bottle and slug it down.


Creatine Monohydrate 1.5g – Power, Performance, Endurance, Recovery
Carnosyn Beta Alanine 1.2g – Power and Performance, Delays fatigue
L-Arginine 800mg – Nitric Oxide Enhancer
Betaine Anhydrous 500mg – Cellular electrolyte concentration & Hydration
L-Citrulline 450mg – Pumps, N.O Enhancer, delay lactic acid build up
L-Tyrosine 280mg - cognition-enhancing amino acid
L-Taurine 220mg – Hydration & Performance
Choline Bitartrate 250mg – Cognitive Enhancer & Nootropic
Caffeine Anhydrous 200-250mg – Stimulant (200 is regular for Watermelon & Lemon and 250 for LE White Frost)
Huperzine A 2.5mg – Cognitive Enhancer & Nootropic
L-Norvaline 120mg – N.O. Enhancer + Pump agent


CP Fuel is around $25 for 30 servings or $40 for 60 servings. Whenever you buy in bulk or a larger product you will get a cheaper cost per serving. If you are looking for a great tasting energy drink or coffee replacement that provides good energy this is a worthwhile buy. While the ingredients are not clinically dosed you could find this as a great afternoon get me up,, or a tool to use when studying. I would venture towards other heavy hitter or clinically dosed products for a true pre-workout.

• Top of the line Taste
• Good Caffeine Kick
• Great Energy
• Transparent Label
• ~ 80 cents a scoop, which is great for energy, drink replacement.

• Not Clinically dosed At A Single Scoop
• More Effective At 2 Scoops, but still lackluster in some areas.