Larry wheels ain't doing shit. His rant about ppl bashing him. Kenny KO basically put him in his place. Kenny didn't give 2 fucks about him & Larry wheels is rebuttal: crickets, crickets, crickets... Soooo umm if you're a man then post your line of defense about Kenny KO or STFU. IDC 2 fucks about you or your stupid bench & farmers walk. Plus your arms look lanky & TBH god pulled your tendon aka tore it to let you know how bad ur arms look. Anyway good luck Larry wheels we love you

Poker face Ace

I read my post & yes it's mean I totally get it. But man, Kenny KO or whatever the fuck his name is smothered his name all over social media & Larry's line of defense "you guys know me, u know who I am"?? Like bro, why didn't you respond by "Kenny is a trash talker who doesn't seem to understand anything. He jumped the gun & not sure why ppl follow him not to mention actions will be taken on this matter" not saying tit for tat & 2 wrongs don't make a right, but social media is what's giving Larry wheels his reputation. Your yes YOUR reputation got tarnished with you giving a b.s. rebuttal.
Like fuck man, ur 25 look 36 but lol that's a different discussion, your mature for your age and your name is everything. Clarify it in better details & put him in his place. Not "now you guys know me" bullshit. Like I said "Kenny KO has no idea & is someone talking out of his ass. Please do not let this instigator brain wash you & I will deal with his matter accordingly". Yeesh how hard was that?? Anyway good luck man it is what it is

He needs to be hard core. Like "yo Kenny is a straight up bull shitter & needs to be put on blast as he is doing things for attention, but we'll see who wins" not "now guys you know me" c'mon mannnn