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    Default Sex drugs - California

    I am was shocked about some information about sexdrugs of Scientologists?! They use drugs to have sex with teens??

    Quote by HumTec Scientology:

    Quote: "Sex with sleeping woman - use some recommend drugs"

    Hello my friend, Thank you for being on *Sexdrugs Board … *

    My secret tip and „Recommendation“… „Secret“ sex with your desired woman …

    Do you want some „new“ sexual experience with your desired girl?
    But you „do not dare“ to fuck your desired woman … ?!

    Meet „your girl“ and use some GBL for „new“ sexual experience ...

    GBL Liquids are "legal“ ... The desired girl (e.g. girlfriend, stranger „drunken girl“ … ) have a nice, deep and peaceful sleep with GBL ... (use 5-6ml GBL…)

    4-6 hours peaceful sleeping, and she will have no memory about your “sexual experience“ ... (for example / „fuck“ your desired girl… )

    What you „Really“ want with the girl … The girl will not remember anything … …
    With „every girl“, you really want ...

    GBL Liquid you can buy e.g. in the webshop
    GBL Liquid costs 120$ / 1000ml incl. delivery and „quiet expensive“ …

    2. Order legal „Cloral Hydrate Powder“ (Much better and „safer“ than sleeping pills …)

    The „Better and Recommend Option“ will be Cloral Hydrate Powder for 9$ / 100g ... Mix 4-6g white powder in the „alcoholic drink“ of your desired girl and take the girl home/ to bedroom… (Cloral Hydrate act like an Alcoholic drink + anesthesia + hypnotic well/ deeply sleeping … )

    Induce some „Cloral hydrate“ and you will have more than „4 hours“ time for „touch, kiss, penetrate and even have „interesting/exciting sex“ with the unknown girl … … The girl will deeply sleeping and will not remember anything … …

    You will have 4h - 6h time for your „sexual experience“ … What you really want with „your“ desired girl …

    Mix 5g white powder Cloral Hydrate with hot tea, sweet juice or an alcoholic drink (*Recommendation: special alcohol mixed bottle / alcohol mix wine / „special hot tea“ at home, mixed water with …

    Legal Cloral Hydrate Powder / Order 100g for 9$ ... **Recommendation

    Legal Cloral Hydrate Powder *Review and *Information

    You can do what you „really“ want … With „your“ girl and „Every desired girl“ you want to have „Sex“ … (for example / girlfriend, on vacation, girl in the neighborhood, special club/drunken girls … )

    My secret tip and **Recommendation: Order legal „Cloral Hydrate“ for **Testing / 100g for 9$ …

    Best regards and wish you „really“ good luck (-:

    Maxim ( Scientology California )

    "quote end"

    They use drugs to rape teens??

    Can that really true?

    Does anyone know the sex drugs?!

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    My man if u need to slip a mickey into a womans drink in order to get laid this isn't the board for you.

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