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    Default 2020 Cycle Critique

    Sup guys. Been a while... I'd been out of the gym for about 5yrs busy between work, getting married, having kids... finally got back to it in April. 30 years old now, 6'2 295 16% body fat. 5mo cruise of just test till February, but planning next year's blast now.

    Weeks 1-30
    Test 650/wk
    Primo 400/wk
    Tren 300/wk
    Asin 12.5 2x/wk
    hGH 2.5 - 4iu daily

    Every Other Month, Rotate:

    Month 1, 3, 5
    1mg 2x/wk

    500mg with every 150g+ Carb

    Month 2, 4, 6
    IGF-1 LR3
    100mcg daily

    4-5iu 3x daily

    Diet is not set in stone, macros will range depending on the month
    Fats 100-150
    Carbs 500-700
    Protein 400-450

    Looking for advice, thoughts, or even opinions mainly on the slin, igf, mgf, metformin, and gh... but any and all advice and criticisms are welcomed and appreciated. Main targets are to bring up bi's (including brachialis), rear delts, and upper pecs; that's where the peptide injections will be spread across.

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    Metformin isn't oral insulin. It increases insulin sensitivity by blocking carbohydrate absorption in the intestines. Taking it with carbs is counterproductive. That's a long time on Tren.
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