Action Nutrition Bolt Pre Workout Review


Blueberry Haze – Action Nutrition prides themselves on making great tasting products, and this is yet another great addition to their line. The blueberry flavor is pure, nothing artificial, and has a very long-lasting after taste. Right out of the gate the density of the flavor hits your tastes buds and leaves a lingering blueberry taste that is incredibly ripe. While this is not an overpowering flavor, the brand found a happy medium to enjoy your pre-workout without having to slam it down. I personally enjoy this one because fruity flavors can be very hit or miss on the market.


Action Nutrition pre workout mixes just as easy as their Amino Acid product does. Even though the scoop size is almost double (15g) I found no issues with clumping in the shaker cup. After 10-15 shakes in 12-14oz for 2 scoops and I had a clean shaker with a touch of foam. Just like with the amino acid if I train first thing upon waking I mix my pre the night before. This way I can wake up and drink it right away with cold water. When mixed in this fashion there were no issues with clumping or leftover raw actives sitting at the bottom of the shaker cup.


Per 2 Scoops: -- 15 Servings
320mg Caffeine (Stimulant)
200mg L-Theanine (Amino Acid isolated from Green-Tea used to enhance focus)
500mg L-Tyrosine (Feel Good Neurotransmitter to improve mental performance)
2g Taurine (Antioxidant for Endurance, Performance, and Recovery)
3g L-Citrulline (Delay Lactic Acid Build Up, Improve Pump, Enhance N.O abilities)
3.2g Beta-Alanine (Delay Fatigue, Improve Performance)
2.5g Betaine (Improve Power & Performance)
150mg ElevATP (Increase ATP and boost energy levels)
100mg NeuroFactor (Improve Focus, Cognitive Enhancement)
50mg Astragin (Increase Amino Acid Uptake)

Cliffs on Training on Bolt:
- 2 Scoops: Long-Lasting Energy (lasted up to 4 hours), I never felt any jitters just streaming energy that lasted well past my workout. I would avoid doing 2 scoops later at night as it may keep you up.
- At 1 scoop it is underdosed, but still provides a steady hit of energy. This would be comparable to a nootropic product on the market with streaming focus.
- 1.5 scoops leaves a good surge of energy that lasted over 2+ hours, this is a good sweet spot for energy (for myself), and left me zoned in on my training. While the ingredients are still short of clinical doses I had a great workout, good pump, and found myself going from set to set just focusing on executing the exercises without being distracted.


Action Nutrition is yet to launch but they stated the Pre would be around $25-30 for 30 scoops. Given the formula needs 2 scoops to hit clinical doses this will come down to 15 scoops for around $2 a serving, which may be a reach for most consumers. The pre-workout market is very saturated as is, and there are other brands out there offering what Action Nutrition has at a cheaper cost per serving. If Action Nutrition does run a nice introduction sale, it would be a great way to try it out at a cheaper cost per serving to see how you like the product.