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    Default Garlic Chicken need some encouragement

    letís help out a long time member who seems like he fell off the wagon, turned into an alcoholic, stopped working out, eating too many cheeseburgers, fries, pizza, potato chips etc... i think he might making some progress but it seems kind of odd someone who claims to work out and live a healthy lifestyle look like this. hopefully he can turn things around. maybe it was all the alcohol that clouded his judgment and made his body look like this. letís help them out and give him some encouragement. it looks like he needs it badly.

    hopefully you put the bottle down and cleaned up your diet and are making some progress which I hear you are. congratulations hopefully youíll never get back to looking like this again. not sure why you would even let yourself get like this but more power to you if youíre improving.

    I wish you well of garlic chicken and donít forget to brush your teeth Iím sure your mouth is pretty stinky

    oh And thanks for sucking in that gut in the last pic. not sure that would look too pretty relaxed.

    Garlic Chicken

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