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    Default Ian Harrison 2020

    From Ian Harrison's facebook:

    Well what a year 2020 has been for many of us, myself included.
    With a global pandemic and so many other things affecting 2020 worldwide.

    Approximately 6 weeks ago I began having bad acid reflux pains and attacks approximately every other day which caused me to lose my voice and cause me a lot of pain and vomiting.
    I researched the symptoms but no changes in diet seemed to work.
    I therefore made an appointment to see a gastroenterologist to find out what was going on.

    So fast forward to Dec 7th.
    Once the gastroenterologist saw me he immediately sent me to the ER to get my heart checked out. They did an EKG and within 5 mins I was in a room surrounded by Doctors and nurses X-ray machines and having multiple tests all confirming my heart was running to 50% of its capacity. Apparently I had been having multiple heart attacks for the past 3 weeks not acid reflux!!!

    No it couldnít be , I was this super fit ex bodybuilder who ran the PCA , they must be mistaken right ?
    No !
    I have trained all my life and always eaten a bodbuilding based healthy low fat diet, retired from competitive bodybuilding at 28, so obviously this came as an extreme shock and embarrassment to me.

    On December 7th I had emergency open heart surgery , I had two heart attacks on the operating table and 6 bypasses were performed.
    I spent two weeks in ICU due to some complications (pneumonia) in which time due to confusion I ripped out my own intubation tubes twice which caused many problems and caused me to be in the ICU having a machine breathe for me for two weeks and a week recovering in the cardiology ward.
    I can honestly say this was the most terrifying thing that has ever happened to me.

    Btw there is NO history of this in my family .
    I came home December 28th. I have a few weeks of hard recovery in front of me but this has really just opened my eyes to many things, one being just how precious and fragile life is, even when we think it could never happen to us the other, enjoy life and never think you are invincible.

    As bodybuilders we think we are strong and tough (many are).
    We pride ourselves on our dedication to health and fitness many have perished and some are quick to point the finger saying or yeah he abused this or that , when they really donít know the facts.

    Over the last few years stories such as mine seem more and more common.
    After speaking with all the surgeons it seems the biggest killer in the world bar none is any type of heart disease/ blockage .
    As the man the behind the PCA USA promoting shows across the country I feel obliged to tell my story.

    Bodybuilding did not do this to me but these things are ignored by many.
    This should be a healthy sport and life is too short already so I say letís promote HEALTH AND the great sport of BODYBUILDING.

    Not one over the other , enjoy the process of competing and achieving stepping stones as you compete but never forget whatís truly important .

    Family, friends, Health and making great memories.

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    I pray for him

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    very sad new

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    Sad to hear. As a taller bodybuilder myself, I had admired his physique. Prayers for him.
    WNBF Pro Bodybuilder
    B.S. Degree Exercise Science

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