Hi, I'm 25 and since I got out of high school I've slowly put on a couple lbs.

My plan is I'm going to PF 3x a week doing:

first 30 min of cardio. Switching between jogging and biking

Transition to weights, bench press/squats/ military press.

Then I do the 30min circuit which is always empty at my location and do 3 sets of 10 each with the machines.

I take a protein shake, mens multi vitamin.
And try to keep my daily intake between 1200-1500.

There is something that seems weird to me.
During the workouts I dont feel a burn as the set progresses. I do get a little pump but I dont feel a burn?

Failure is more like a sudden finite wall where I cant will the rep to complete. I do occasionally feel not a burn but a very distinct sensation similar to a thin rubber band snapping along the length of the muscle.

I've been using drop sets to combat this and continue the workout when I hit the wall but still no burn. And I'm not really feeling too bad the next day either

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