Hi... I'm new to the forum. I'm more into muscle endurance and strength training but I definitely respect your journey reader. I just started using Beta Alanine in bulk form powder. I've been buying my powders from a company called bulksupplements.com . Their Beta Alanine does not dissolve in water at all and is pretty granular. I've called and left messages with the company three times, asking why this supplement is reacting to water this way, but they're not returning my calls. I can't imagine that this is normal because all other amino acids I use dissolve rather rapidly. Them refusing to return my calls to answer simple questions, concerns me about the quality of their products overall. Supplements are not regulated, this is a good thing but it's also a bad thing because it allows some companies to lie and mislead. Should Beta Alanine dissolve in water? I did do a search and sites like researchgate, which is a highly reliable source, talk about stability tests of Beta Alanine in water at given temperatures.

I can't help but believe this stuff should be readily dissolving and their product is not and between this occurring and the fact they're not returning my calls, I'm beginning to wonder is their product line safe at all to use. I could be subtly poisoning myself, using their products without knowing it. I apologize for asking such a fundamental question but I figured many of you gals and guys use this supplement.