I'm 68, female, good health and fitness, but suffer nightly severe leg/foot/ankle cramping for about 1 1/2 yrs now. I have to jump out of bed 3 - 4 times every night and hit the floor fast to walk off the cramps. Sometimes sleeping sitting up on the couch with feet on the floor helps but then I do not get the rest I need.

I have no thyroid due to thyroid cancer with a total bilateral thyroidectomy approx 42 years ago, and take 150 mcg of Synthroid. I also had a complete hysterectomy about 37 years ago and took estrogen until I was about 60 yrs old. I also have no tonsils, appendix, or gallbladder.

Magnesium glycinate seemed to help a bit but causes diahrea. Taking many supplements. I've seen different docs, tried acupunture, chinese massage and seeing a natural pathic practicioner now, who follows Dr. Bob Marshal, Phd. in nutrion.

I sit in front of a computer about 6 - 7 hrs. per day, but get up periodically to walk around and stretch.

I do the treadmill every other day for 35min at a 12 incline for about 1.8 miles, lots of stretching and weight lifting per Dr. Scott Connelly's "Body Rx" book. Eat high protein, oat pancakes every morning, chicken or fish, ezekiel bread, fruits (berries, peaches, cantaloupe, apples (no skin due to no gall bladder), lots of cruciferous veggies, and salads with lemon/oil dressing. I avoid sugar and use splenda or steevia plus. I drink, water, tea, and Chain'd Out.

No one so far and nothing seems to help - can you? Please, I would appreciate any suggestions.