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    Default Gear is finally here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is Ain’t Your Daddy’s Protein Pill!
    It’s finally here…the amino acid supplement that was a long time in the making. And we think it’s one amazing supplement….so good in fact, we decided to call it GEAR.
    GEAR is truly like nothing else on the market today. The concept is simple – not unlike amino acid tablets but FAR more concentrated, FAR more potent, and FAR more effective. It’s actually on par with injectable amino acids. But it’s portable!

    Ultimate Nitrogen Retention

    Way back in the dark ages of bodybuilding supplementation the idea of taking Protein pills was a pretty good one – pop a few pills here and there and get extra aminos. The old timers, with limited resources, committed to this tactic and got pretty good results. But at best, each pill was barely a gram of Protein and it’s so much easier to get 30 grams from a modern Protein shake. So Protein pills fell out of favor. What we’ve done is mix some old school thinking with state of the art technology!

    GEAR using a concentrated form of Protein that is both ENLARGED and FRACTIONED. In other words, each amino molecule not only encompasses more space, it’s split into “micro molecules” which essentially increases the bio-availabilty ten-fold! So a single gram of Protein become more like TEN grams of amino acids!

    Science Meets Simplicity

    Anyone who uses steroids knows that they work by increasing nitrogen (Protein) retention. But few people realize exactly what that entails.

    Without getting overly technical, Protein basically passes through the intestines after which, it’s absorbed into the small intestine and eventually, the bloodstream. At that point it travels throughout the body into the various muscles and glands. When Protein is needed the intestines grabs what’s available. THAT’S THE KEY! It isn’t so much the “amount” of Protein you eat, it’s what’s “available “ at any given time. More often than not, the opportunity for muscle growth is lost because, even though you ingested a lot of Protein, it wasn’t “ready to go” at the time when it was needed.But now, with GEAR, you’ll have that Protein available at ALL TIMES.

    That statement may sound like a lot of hype but it’s absolutely true and we stand behind it. Nothing… I mean NOTHING, is a better Protein source than GEAR. We made sure of it.
    Here’s How It Works GEAR contains…

    This is the main ingredient in GEAR and anyone familiar with this stuff will tell you it’s nothing short of miraculous. Studies have shown than test animals fed a comparable calorie diet with Super Plasma Serum grew an average of 20% LARGER than those on a diet without it. How can that be? Because Super Blood Plasma Serum is the Protein that already exists in the blood plasma. It’s instantly recognized as “useable.” It’s like if you added blood to your blood, there’s no conversion -- whatever you add is “more.” That’s what happens with Super Palsma Serum. It’s essentially, instant muscle! And since the actual amino molecule of SPS is FOUR TIMES LARGER than that of meat, egg or whey Protein it can be dispersed over a greater area of the intestines, allowing for maximum nitrogen dispersion. The extrodinary growth potential from Super Plasma Serum may also be due to the fact that it contains the highest IGF-1 level of any natural food source. This is the closest thing to actual “injectable aminos” which the pros have been using for years, BUT AT A FRACTION OF THE COST.


    This is another form of Protein used back in the days when serious bodybuilders would use anything in order to grow. It was called “pre-digested “ Protein, with good reason. The essential aminos are already broken down so it requires no digestion. It enters the intestines instantly, allowing for immediate use. It was great stuff and worked well. There was just one problem. It tastes like rancid cleaning fluid! I mean, really, REALLY horrible. It’s pretty much impossible to get down. But since it’s in a capsule form, taste isn’t an issue. You get the full benefit of this incredible Protein source directly into your stomach unfiltered in any way.

    GEAR also includes…


    Protein has many functions but it’s the BCAA’s that are directly related to muscle growth. It’s the BCAA’s that convert into glutamine, which is the main amino in muscle tissue. So why doesn’t GEAR contain glutamine? Because it is so poorly absorbed orally! Whenever you use glutamine you’re wasting 99% of it! The body was designed to convert glutamine from BCAA’s which is why we use the highest quality peptide bonded BCAA’s with a hefty L-leucine laden dosage into GEAR. It’s pure muscle growth without waste.

    WHEY FRACTION peptides:

    This is a revolutionary amino acid complex containing high concentrations of Lactoferrin and Immunoglobulins in a “fractioned” base, allowing for the aminos to “split and separate.” Remember, the intestines act like a huge sponge ready to take in Protein. “Normal” Protein globulins are like single shots, here and there whereas FRACTIONED aminos is a like a SHOTGUN, spraying a much wider area and allowing for more muscle growth. By creating “sub-particals” of nitrogen, the amount of surrounding Protein (from other food sources) is dispersed and magnified. This is a breakthrough potential muscle building technology. And just as an additional kicker, we added… Aminogen and Bromalain. Bromalain is a natural enzyme known to aid in the absorption of Protein. Aminogen helps liberate free form aminos from whole food sources. So when you take GEAR it’ll boost the Protein and muscle building capabilities from both the supplement and the food you eat!

    How to use GEAR.
    GEAR is incredibly versatile. It can be use five ways.
    In-between meals – to insure a constant flow of nitrogen to your muscles.
    Pre-workout – to prevent catabolism while training.
    Post workout __ to fuel starved, overworked muscles fast!
    Plus, it’s especially useful in enhancing the muscle building capabilities of any meal !

    This may be the biggest advantage to GEAR. Let’s say you’re on the run and all you can grab is a slice of pizza. Pop a handful of GEAR and instead of a junk food snack, it’s a powerkeg of Protein power meal! Each cap equals 1000mgs of amino acids but since GEAR is up to FOUR TIMES as potent, 5 caps is like 20 grams of whole food Protein! Suddenly a slice of pizza has the muscle building potential of an 8 oz steak! Ya gotta admit…THAT, is pretty awesome.
    Don’t let the name throw you. We’re not saying this product works like a steroid. The name GEAR is to imply “a necessary tool.” Even when using enhancement, you can’t grow without Protein. It’s the catalyst…always. And the more the better. When you use GEAR, you just increased your chances to grow more muscle, and grow it faster.

    So if you want the biggest anabolic advantage you can get…you need to get some GEAR
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