Hey fellow good bros and gym warriors, I will beta testing a product for needto that he plans to come out with eventually. I have been lifting weights since the age of 14, started off doing more calesthetics of course. The only reason I got into weight training was to give me more strength on the baseball field. I noticed that as I got stronger the balls that I hit went farther, my arm strength got better and I got faster aka literally Bigger Strong Faster. LOL I like the way that sounds. Since the age of 16 I was diagnosed with a hyperactive hippocampus which led to HIGH and I mean HIGH testoterone levels, to the point that I have the epi ratio part of the hormonal drug test in sports while playing NCAA baseball LOL. In order to prove my innocence not only did I have to show the clearinghouse my documentation of my medical diagnosing, I had to take a polygraph test HAHAHA, of course I passed. I was always a athlete, I succeeded as running back in football but my parents did not want me getting hurt so after Freshman football I was forced to stop playing football. As a senior in Highschool, I batted over 400 with 13 homeruns and over 40 RBI's in 28 games. From Highschool I went to a community college in South Florida in which I excelled, from there I was sent to San Pedro, Dominican Republic where I showcased my skills for not 1 but a couple of organizations, the one complaint that I kept hearing from them was that I was not tall enough. (I am 5'8''-9'') I got fed up hearing that since I could literally throw a ball from home to second at about 90 mph which is RARE. One day in my dorm at San Pedro I see a UFC fight, and I say to myself hey none of those guys are tall but they can kick ass and compete. So I decide to go back home, quit baseball and focus on MMA as a whole. To my surprise I was really good at it, striking being my base since I started to learn boxing at the age of 13. I got real good at stand up and started to get the grasp of grappling and judo. People would always comment on me being a great wrestler but the funny thing was that I NEVER wrestled in highschool or college but the fact that wrestling runs in blood could be the reason why I am a natural at it. My cousin was a collegiate All American so it can explain a lot. The funny thing is that all my life as a Christian I was taught that fighting is bad even through sports but untill you learn about a sport you can't really talk, plus I have learn that people want to dictate your life, the only one that will dictate me besides myself is GOD. After 8 months of training, I decided to take an Amateaur fight to see how I would pan out, and boy did I do well. I knocked out the poor dude in 3 seconds with a viscous jab. Everyone commented on my heavy hands but I knew that it is all talk tilll you actually are living proof of it. Since then, I decided to keep training and get more refined. After a year of training I went pro, and have not lost yet. In the works of signing with major organizations but as I say MONEY TALKS. I am currently on a VIGOROUS training schedule that lasts 6 days a week. The work ethic I obtained from baseball carried onto MMA which helps a great deal and definitely gives me an edge over others. I am obssesed with shadowboxing, do it all the time, everywhere ranging from the supermarket to college LMAO. I do not do it to show off or intimidate people but to keep muscle memory within my body which is crucuial for learned behaviors. The reason I help out in forums is because I like to help people in general online and offline, but of course people need to be able to help themselves out as well. I became so helpful on forums that I became a representative for Anabolic Innovations in which that opened more overall doors for me. I have helped companies develop products as well that I knew from personal experience ACTUALLY worked. I am a true introvert so I am very private and task focused as you will see in my log. I just turned 23 but still feel how I felt during HighSchool if not better... LOL! My diet is pretty strict except that I LOVE SWEETS, especially Chocolate so don't be surprised to see cheat meals in my log that include cookies or snickers or anything of that nature. I have known needto for some time now and the dude is as genuine as they come which is why I chose to be beta-tester for his new product. I will be starting the beta product tommorow. I was told by needto that this product DRAMATICALLY boosts testosterone while lowering estrogen. needto told me that the average tester was getting a 300% increase in testosterone, talk about WOW that is a huge increase LOL! I know stacking this with some LCLT will do some justice which is what I plan on doing. I don't look to add on muscle with any supplement so I will not be posting pics unless people start raving to see pics LOL. I am looking more athletic needs such as strength/power output, recovery, aggression, drive, focus, sense of well being, coordination, memory, agility, endurance, glycogen retention, better quality of sleep which I have plenty of LOL. I know that many love bodybuilding but I am sure MMA is cool in your books to LOL, so feel free to show me some love cuz I got some love for ya all as well LOL!
I fight at 170 and my current weight is 171.5 so making weight is Cake LMAO, the thing is that I stay all year in shape so umm yea LOL. Here is a list of what to expect on my daily log ins:

Body composition
Sense of well being/mood
strength/power output
Sleep quality
Libido/sex drive
Training Intensity
Pheromone release

Let me explain the whole pheromone concept to those that do not know about them. They are bodily chemical messengers that we all give off, some more and others less. The None based mones are masculine and dominant mones. The Nol based mones are friendly mones. The androsterone is masculine yet Wisdom like and comforting. We all carry different ratios of them, I tend to carry more None than any but I definitely carry androsterone since I am a wise dude and always learn from my mistakes. The reason that I have such high levels of None is that I have high levels of testosterone, testosterone metabolites become androstenone within the sweat/urine and feces. People are usually pretty darn intimidated by me which is normal and expected with my body chemistry. I expect my Nones to elevate even further which is going to make people even distant themselves even further from me. The funny thing about Nones is that they STINK, my friends and family always tell me how much I stink lol. The other day after grappling training, my trainer's girlfriend comes into the complex and starts talking to us, and she goes what is that smell, it smells like ass. I just laught and admit that it was the scent of my sweat. People can literally smell from at least 50 feet which is crazy. The funny thing is other women have gotten real close to me and said you smell nice while everyone else was like what is this chick talking about he smells shit. If I don't overly intimidate a woman, they absolutely are infatuated with me, the reason I can't say that I do well with women is because half the time I scare them away LMAO. One time when I was learning about pheromones, I picked up some NPA which is androsteNone concentrate, what a mistake. I took ONLY 1 dab and went out. I had people literally moving from one side of the room to the other with doing their best not to make eye contact with me. I have had women in the past cry or run away when I have tried to approach them in a friendly manner. So yeah I am like Beast from the movie Beauty and the Beast LMAO. Dudes either try to be real friendly with me or avoid me at all costs, it is pretty funny. Anyways, if you got more questions about pheromones go ahead and shoot.

I was instructed to take 3 caps first thing when I wake up in which I will also take 1.5g of LCLT before eating breakfast. I don't count calories so don't break your heads over my caloric intake LOL. I will being giving a breakdown of my training daily schedule, it does change weekly since my trainers have hectic schedules but I am a priority so we work with each other. My lifing protcols are crazy so again bare with me, and I will not show numbers since I do not have a video to show for the lifts. Other than that my good bros enjoy sit tight and enjoy the ride, cuz this going to be a hell of a ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!