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Thread: INBA(australia)

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    Quote Originally Posted by mdvsony View Post
    INBA? or ANB?

    I'm planning on doing the ANB Sydneys in May...but in saying that haven't really looked at the comps around the same time...
    More than likey INBA.. I will check out the dates for the ANB as they've recently lifted their game in testing.. last regional show in QLD they had 8 failed tests.. good sign

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    Quote Originally Posted by jtg987 View Post
    thats pretty dissapointing, I'm sitting here concerned cause I just found out my fat burner has 1 3-dimethylamylamine(oxyelite pro). Now I'm worried it wont clear out of my system by the time the competition comes around(I think the first contest is mid april).

    has anyone been to a show? is it similar to the wff, where you do your posing routine, then mandatories then posedown?
    There are no routines in the INBA shows, just line up, mandatory poses, symmetry, call outs, posedown, medals and trophies handed out.. all over in one go.. great shows, but the guy who runs the Brissy ones is a total jerk... runs a great show but shouldn't be allowed to speak to the competitors prior to the comp...

    In the comps he has run this year I know of two different competitors who he has told who is going to win the class they have just registered for... and what a surprise he is right... and another one who he made change the class she wanted to enter because a week out from the show he made her show him her abs and said she would never make it in the class she was going to go in... these are first time competitors and he shattered all three of them in the week prior to the comps... JERK

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