Sautday 4/22

My 16-y.o. is with us for the weekend so I was rushed. Annnd I couldn't get a squat rack though I waited for nearly an hour. Mmmmk...calisthenics and abs and calves and lotsa mobility work it is.

Dynamic warmup

4 rounds of...
banded walks
banded squats
ab wheel
horizontal calf machine (think leg press calves)
leopard crawls forward & backward
cross crawls
a few rolling variations
shin box and some other hip internal/external rotation things

Then ran in to a dear college age friend whose mom (my age) had a stroke and has been on the decline. Gave her some resources that will hopefully help get the two of them to a better place, mentally and physically.

Left the gym at my target leave time and proceeded to the garden center to pick up the last few vegetable plants for my raised beds. Two different grocery stores (ugh) and those three errands took me a whopping THREE HOURS, even though they're within 10 minutes of my house: traffic, couldn't immediately find what I was looking for....etc.