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    Default Women's Chem Info Index - START HERE!

    This thread is an index into all the great information the RX Fem Chem forum. Our goal is to help you educate yourself to make good and responsible decisions related to the tools of the physique industry. There is precious little out there that is studied and documented for women on the subject of use of chemical substances for body transformation so please understand that this is your own personal experiment.

    First and foremost, always remember that any supplement is ONLY a supplement to an already established, tight and consistent diet, training and recovery regimen. Never expect any drug to do the heavy lifting for you. The results won't be what you envision. Please see the other stickies first if you have questions or want to post questions about AAS or other compounds.

    And please CAVEAT EMPTOR! This information is not posted as a medical reference (i.e. RXMuscle does not bear any liability for this information or your use of it) and use of controlled substances is illegal. Please research and make informed decisions. Always remember - YOUR body. YOUR results. YOUR sides.

    Knowledge is power! Become powerful!

    The World of Women & Drugs

    Chemical Profiles, Articles and Threads

    RX Chemical Enhancement Forums - steroid profiles, etc.

    Things you should know if / when you cycle

    General Chemistry Q&A Discussions:

    Other goodies:
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