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    Default DHEA for Females

    DHEA for females and is something I have had a lot of success with in many situations. It really shines in the 40+ crowd and for those with poor adrenal function.

    DHEA is a steroid hormone found in the body that is a precursor to other important hormones. This gives it the ability to help maintain hormonal balance.

    It is heavily produced in the adrenals and some is also produced in the testes in men.

    It has been used for quite some time to treat imbalances, adrenal issues, enhance libido and overall well being. Its common place for a lot of men to supplement with DHEA but it can greatly benefit women in many cases.

    Its never a bad idea to check DHEA levels through a blood draw before supplementing with it but in most cases, its shown to be very safe for women in normal doses.…/dhea-and-adrenal-imbalance/…/dhea-the-most-underrated-supple…/
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