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    Default Zaggora Hot Pants....

    Ok my mom ordered me some of these pants and I am very hesistant to try them out being as though I retain a lot of water in my legs and getting ready for my next comp this is the main issue that I continue to deal with. Any of you ladies heard anything positive about these pants?

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    I spent a few minutes googling - didn't find any pictures but sounds like neoprene or plastic biking pants? The idea is the same as those neoprene waist wraps or a sauna suit. Generally IMO you're just sweating out water. I don't know what they are basing their claims on unless the people who use them are complete water bags who maybe only started working out or doing cardio in order to see how they work. I would argue that you're not necessarily losing fat tho. Mostly water.

    That said, when I do contest prep, my go-to tool is a sauna suit for cardio for around 2 weeks before my peak week. I have dropped 14 lb in 10 days - again its primarily water, but it makes the difference if I've got my diet, training & cardio tight but still need a little more help to hit a show date. I couldn't speak to how maintainable the results are because my goals are specific to a particular day and I assume I will go thru at least a small rebound post-show.
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