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    Default Arnold Classic 2012

    Well it's over. Hope everyone got a chance to watch the live feed from The feed was far superior to past years. It was almost like watching TV on my 27" HD monitor!

    There is a ton of people who did not agree with the outcome. Branch's story is a testimonial in everything I believe in. Never stop, whatever obstacle is stacked against you and I applaud Branch for showing us all what a man he is. What was really cool instead of him trying hide the slightly smaller quad sweep that was repaired, he actually showed it off, pointing to it before he hit his ab and thigh shot!

    Now, that I have given Branch all the due respect he deserved in winning his second consecutive title; I cant hide my disappointment in having Dennis Wolf coming in second. It's just a shame that one of them had to lose. Dennis has weaknesses for sure, he still needs to bring up his hams and calves. But even though Branch was a deserving winner, I can not dismiss the fact that I thought Dennis had maybe the overall package of SYMMETRY, conditioning and size all combined together.

    All in all I wish this one could have been called a draw! But Bodybuildng is subjective sport and that's why they have judges, so it is what is and that's the way it goes. Still I have stood there before in disbelief wondering what happened, listening to the Wolf interview had dejavu' all over for me.

    Dennis, said "I don't know what else I can do." Dennis you will get your turn. I for one am glad you are there to push Branch to his limits.
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    Good commentary Hammefit, I hate people posting my guy was robbed stuff. That's so childish. Problem with bodybuilding is that someone is always crying about something. Judges make decsions sometimes right in your eyes sometimes wrong. For competitors I would hope they take it as something that lights the fire for next contest.

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