Long story short i competed in Nov and get in the best shape of my life,Cruised for a few months then hopped on tren/eq/prop during this i was dating a girl who made me LOSE MY MIND,I know i cant blame ppl for my mistakes but i was eating like shit and even skipping the gym sometime for her...Any way im done with her and now cruising

Right now im cruising on 250 test,Im currently going to be cutting on the cruise and gonna try to lose hardcore weight the next 4-6 weeks,Im doing t3/EC stack right now then plan to run a 14 DNP cycle to reallly kill the last bit of fat off,Also gonna be running 4iu gh on this cruise when it comes

My question is can i run an oral while on this cruise maybe for 4 weeks?Or would this defeat the purpose of a cruise?I was thinking of running Var to keep strength up and to harden up