Heavy weights +a muggy (warm and moist) day = brutal workout.
Iso Press
to 82,5-kilos x 5 reps

Hammer DB Curls
On both bi's and tri's I decided to up the reps so...
7.5-kilos x 15 reps, 15-kkilos x 12 reps, 30-kilos x 12 reps, 40-kilos x 12 reps, 60-kilos x 12 reps, 80-kilos x 10 reps
Bi's s/s with both press and TPD

8p x 12 reps, 11p x 12 reps and 16 = 1 stacker plate x 8 reps

Stub Work
Same as last time - almost had to restart / reset to get a workout in. Skin on both fingers sore as f**k
LH: + 14-kilos x 4 x 1 reps (of 7 goes)
RH: + 16.5-kilos x 4 x 1 reps (of 7 goes)