If the GGG fight coupled with the weight cut has any effect on Kell, Spence is going to win and win convincingly.

Assuming Kell is still "Special K", I think he'll win a decision in a hell of a fight if not a war. I have believed Kell to be the best 147 pounder for a couple years now. Spence passes the eyeball test though. I think Spence beats everyone else at 147 not named Brook.

Terence Bud Crawford! Talk about passing the eyeball test. To my eyes, he is the best fighter in boxing. If ever there was a 5 tool fighter, this is him. I think it's gonna take someone special at 154 or 160 before he loses. Unless Spence disposes of Brook in uber impressive fashion, then we have a mega fight at 147. If they both were to match up at 147 and both still undefeated, it would be the best welterweight fight since Hearns Leonard.