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The Wbff
11-17-2009, 02:46 PM

The World Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation (WBFF) is tearing up the industry by storm!

The BC event scheduled for April 17th, 2010 at the amazing River Rock Show and Casino theatre in Vancouver (Richmond).

A very successful world championships were recently held in Toronto, Ontario and saw in excess of 200 quality athletes and models take to the stage.

Over $100,000 in prizes, contracts and endorsements were given out. Three athletes received year long contracts with some of the top industry supplement companies.

The days after saw many athletes shoot for Status Fitness Magazine and Oxygen magazine with several WBFF athletes set to grace the cover of Oxygen.

Rodney Jang Editor in Chief of Status Fitness, David Ford Chief Photographer and Associate Editor of Status Fitness, Robert Kennedy Publisher and Editor for Oxygen, Musclemag, Reps, Maximum Fitness, American Curves, John Butler, Glen Grant, Jason Breeze, Liani Saadi, Doug Schnieder were all present front row taking in the hugh extravaganza.

The judges over the past 3 years have included IFBB Pro judge Winston Roberts, Wayne DilMelia, IFBB Pro Tammy Strome, IFBB Pro Stephanie Worsfold, IFBB Pro Henderson Thorne, IFBB Pro Laura Crevalle, Fitness Pro Ocean Bloom, Status Fitness Editor in Chief Rodney Jang, Musclemag Editor Bill Geiger amongst others.

Ultimately the WBFF seeks to provide the best in athlete recognition, opportunities and exposure using it's influential connections second to none in the Canadian and international markets of fitness and bodybuilding. The WBFF is raising the standard of bodybuilding, fitness, figure and fitness modeling to an entirely unseen before level!

The WBFF is quickly becoming a recognized name internationally because of it's reputation for delivering and conscientious work at promoting athletes amongst it's federation regardless of placement.

The WBFF is excited to be expanding across Canada with it's BC event scheduled for April 17th, 2010 at the amazing River Rock Show and Casino theatre in Vancouver (Richmond). Alberta's event is scheduled for July 3rd in Alberta. Both these events will provide great legitimate exposure opportunities as well as great prizes!

Competition Categories 2010

Mens Bodybuilding
Mens Fitness Model
Womans Figure
Womans Figure over 35
Diva Fitness Model
Diva Bikini Model

The WBFF would love to see you there!!

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Highlights from the 2009 WBFF BC CHAMPIONSHIPS!

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