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WBFF B.C. Championship - April 18th 2009
Held At Luxurious River Rock Casino Resort

WBFF Alberta Championship - July 4th 2009
Held At Max Bell Theatre

WBFF World Championship
September 19th 2009
Held At Living Arts Centre Mississauga

More info on events please log onto www.wbffshows.com (http://www.wbffshows.com)
www.myspace.com/wb_ff (http://www.myspace.com/wb_ff)
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=570346986&ref=profile#/pages/THE-WBFF/67954806736?ref=nf
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05-25-2009, 10:07 PM
So....what's up for grabs at our WBFF World Championships this September??
Well, aside from the allure of competing at the Living Arts Center amidst a stage setting that is second to none, here are a few teasers that may sway your competitive decision making skills...

* the cover of Status Fitness Magazine
* Oxygen Magazine photo shoot
* Inside Fitness Magazine photo shoot
* $10,000 paid contract with EAS and be part of the EAS Team
* $10,000 paid contract with Muscle Pharm
* $10,000 paid contract with Goliath Labs
* $20,000 fur coat
* 2 trips to the 2010 Arnold Classic with Grizzly Fitness
* Cardio bike from JK Fitness
* $16,500 in CASH
* overall amateur class winners will receive WBFF Pro status

We will continue to add prizes up until show time...

Who Can compete at the WBFF World Championship?

Q. Who is eligible to compete at the WBFF World Championships in Toronto September 19,2009?

A. ALL athletes, regardless of prior competition experience or affiliation with other organizations are permitted to compete at the WBFF World Championships in Toronto as it is being classified as both a National event AND Pro Event. The WBFF Pro Divisions will debut at the World Championships, but will be separated from the open divisions. As always, this event is open to first time competitors and seasoned competitors.

Q. How many opportunities do I have to turn pro prior to the World Championships?

A. There will be one additional Pro Qualifying event at the WBFF Calgary Championships on July 4th, 2009. Applications will still be accepted by nationally ranked athletes from accredited organizations in good standing with the WBFF. Once a pool of qualified pro athletes is attained, WBFF Pro Cards will only be granted at the World Championship event and designated pro qualifying events.

Q. Is there a signficant difference between a WBFF Pro and an amateur?

A. The WBFF Pros, as with all professional athletes, will receive a distinction that is inclusive of cash prizes, industry related contract endorsements, exclusive marketing features through the WBFF and sponsors and featured placement in national and international fitness publications. In addition, WBFF Pros will have their own exclusive online presence on the WBFF website to market themselves . WBFF forms partnerships with their pro athletes to assist in promoting and supporting their fitness efforts.

Q. Will you be adding any more events in the future?

A. The WBFF will be adding Montreal, Canada to our list of events for the 2010 competition season. This will be in addition to our regional events in Vancouver, Calgary and the WBFF World Championships once again in Toronto. We do have prospects of adding the U.S. and other worldwide events in the future.

Q. When is the best time to register for any of the upcoming WBFF shows?

A. Keep in mind that due to the increasing popularity of the events, limitations may be placed on some divisions due to time constraints and as a result, may have to be capped prior to the event. It's always wise to register as soon as possible to ensure your opportunity to compete.

Q. I really want to compete with the WBFF but I don't want to lose standing with my organization.

A. Court decisions are supportive in stating that amateur athletes can not be banned from competing with any organization so long as they're not receiving monetary retribution (cash) from the organization by way of a contractual agreement. What this means in short is that you're free to compete where you want, with who you want, as often as you want and most importantly, with the organization that best suits your competitive goals.

More info log into: http://www.wbffshows.com (http://www.wbffshows.com/)

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There was much demand after we showed an exclusive interview with Pro bikini model and premier Vegas host Mary Jarmolowich, that we just had to meet up with her again, this time at Gold's gym in Las Vegas, as she trains towards the World Fitness Model finals in
September 2009. Mary reveals the secrets to her amazing six pack, as well as what she's working on to ensure she has every chance possible on stage to take the title.

We then follow Mary around some of the world-famous and iconic landmarks along the Las Vegas strip, including the minitured scale of the Eiffel Tower, New York, New York, and perhaps one of the largest attactions other than the casinos - the Belagio water fountains.

Yet another World exclusive for LA Muscle.tv

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05-30-2009, 01:01 AM
Thanks to all for sharing our Newsletter!
The WBFF supports ALL bodybuilding and fitness organizations and highly encourage athletes to compete as much, as often and as frequently as they're able to with any organization...the reason being, that bodybuilding/fitness in of itself, is NOT a lucrative sport. Yes I feel that a handful of individuals can make a substantial living as a result of their bodybuilding efforts and related endeavors but if we search the history of Canadian Federations vs their pros who have attained exemplary benefits, it's rather disappointing to say the least. Correct me if I'm overlooking anyone, but Dillett was one of the very few individuals to state claim to a six figure contract of any Canadian pros in the history of the sport. This isn't meant to bash any of the very talented Canadian pros in our ranks but merely to draw reference to fact.
Now if this is something that MUST change, then I don't know what is!

Rather than getting into little pissy-fit arguments about who's plugging themselves with sustanon or who's gargling with wheat grass, let's remind ourselves that our common objective is to exemplify our sport AND increase market appeal. With market appeal comes more competitors and thus more sponsors. With more sponsors comes better prizes and opportunities. The ball continues to roll and so on, so forth.... Why do pro athletes in ANY other sport make exorbitant incomes? The answer is simple....because they can!

Our effort is to change this and as you can see from our list of reputable sponsors (GNC, EAS, Budweiser, etc.) we are doing this and doing this well AND quickly. Is this worthy of negative criticism? More like the left foot kicking the right foot for what it's worth and then bitching when you can't walk properly.

Let's all take a deep breath and get the 'haters' away from the table for a second and realize that this IS a collaborative effort from ALL who love the sport for what it is. If not, we'll only bask in the limelight of a few...

The WBFF does not condone drug use and has never pointed the finger of blame at ANY athlete and the absence of testing is NOT a stance of promotion, merely an admission of what we need to realize. Testing is inadequate. Plain and simple. Love us or leave us.... For those who love us, we'll do our best and be honest and within approach. For those who don't, we also commend your decision and wish you the best in what you do; wherever you may choose to do it.

Daryl Gazey
WBFF Director of Operations

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05-31-2009, 12:54 PM
There has recently been some unnecessary tension in our industry that needs to be addressed. In my decades of involvement in the fitness industry, I can assure you that I've seen my share of unjust behavior, opinions flying about (good and bad) and a great deal of subjectivity. One thing that I'm confident about is the knowledge that we're all in this together; regardless of your affiliation, your goals or your personal beliefs. Our objective is to further the sport of bodybuilding and fitness and reap as many rewards that it has to offer.

The place to air any indiscretion is not by firing it from a cannon in hopes that everyone will hear it and respond favorably. As some of you may see, this hasn't been the case recently with certain posts that have been circulating.

We, the WBFF, owe our support and gratitude to those who support our endeavors and who choose to travel on the same road that we share. In order for the fitness industry to continue to expand its horizons, this mentality should be maintained across the board. To engage in trivial bantering is counterproductive, belittling and unprofessional to say the least and only serves to harm those individuals of whom it is our intended goal of helping...the athletes.

I have faith in the WBFF brand and I have faith in the WBFF Team. We owe our present and continuing success not to one person but to every one of us; the athletes, the sponsors, the spectators, photographers, media and staff. We are not in this alone. I firmly believe that to be successful, you have to share in the success of others.

Having said this, I will continue to support other fitness and bodybuilding organizations that share our direction, that actively promote their participants and whose aim it is to raise the bar as we feel we are doing. Many of you have come to realize that I attend many of these fitness events with the UFE, IDFA, NPC, OPA and IFBB. I am and always will be an athlete first and a businessman second with my primary objective to give back to a sport that has given me the opportunities that I'm now able to share. I have experienced success and now my goal is to share this with as many people as I can and do the best job I'm able to in order to effect this. Once again, I am confident that I will continue with this success.

If you approve of what we're doing, we acknowledge this. If you disapprove of our intentions, we also want to hear your suggestions; good, bad or otherwise. We are still in our infancy and we realize that we are fallible to making mistakes and are aware that we will never be the only 'kid on the block'.

We see competition and the existence of other federations as a necessary element that will serve to keep us on our toes and continue to make the necessary adjustments to achieve those goals. We will never take for granted, or be too big for our britches to realize that we can be boastful, discriminate or unworthy.

We appreciate all of the positive feedback that we have recently received. I am thankful for what we do, who we are and what we share.

I will continue to deliver the best that I'm able to and once again thank you for your generosity. I look forward to seeing everyone in Calgary and then in September for our World Championships. You won't be disappointed.

Paul Dillett
President - World Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation


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06-04-2009, 12:07 AM
Click here to view EVITE! TURN YOUR SPEAKERS UP!



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Click here to view the EVITE: http://www.clubculture.com/wbff/09/evite/evite.html

The 2009 WBFF World Championship LESS THEN 1 Week away!

WBFF World Championship September 19th 2009
Held At Living Arts Centre Mississauga Ontario
click event: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/g...id=10638352630 (http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/group.php?gid=10638352630)

Tickets are on sale now through The Living Arts Centre Box Office Tickets will also be available at the Box Office on Show day September 19th at the Living Arts Centre

Order Tickets by Phone: 905.306.6000 / 1.888.805.8888

Box Office: 905-306-6000

Prejudging 10:30am ticket price: $30
Evening show 6:30pm ticket pricing: $80 (VIP), $60, $50

Mandatory Athletes Sign In Meeting and Registration:

We will see you at the Novotel Mississauga Host Hotel for the athletes mandatory sign in / registration and meeting on Friday September 18th 2009.

Registration / sign in will begin at 4:30 pm and meeting will begin at 7:30 pm in the Paris Ballroom at the Novotel.

All Hair, Makeup and tanning info can be found on the WBFF website http://www.wbffshows.com (http://www.wbffshows.com/)

For those who have registered but have not paid your registration fee click here http://register.wbffshows.com (http://register.wbffshows.com/)

Or call us at 647-341-0790 to avoid late fees . To avoid any late charges we recommend that you complete your registration before September 15th 2009. Additional late charges will be $25.

So....what's up for grabs at our WBFF World Championships this September??
Well, aside from the allure of competing at the Living Arts Center amidst a stage setting that is second to none, here are a few teasers that may sway your competitive decision making skills...

* the cover of Status Fitness Magazine
* Oxygen Magazine photo shoot
* Inside Fitness Magazine photo shoot
* $10,000 paid contract with EAS and be part of the EAS Team
* $10,000 paid contract with Muscle Pharm
* $10,000 paid contract with Goliath Labs
* $10,000 cash Bikini Model Champion
* $20,000 fur coat
* 2 trips to the 2010 Arnold Classic with Grizzly Fitness
* Cardio bike from JK Fitness
* Over $35,000 in CASH
* overall amateur class winners will receive WBFF Pro status

We will continue to add prizes up until show time...

Email us for any inquiries at [email protected]

See you There!

World Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation
125 the Queensway Unit B2
suite 121, Toronto, ON
M8Y 1H6

General Information
http://www.wbffshows.com (http://www.wbffshows.com/)
e-mail: [email protected]
Telephone: 647.341.0790
Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/wbff

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09-13-2009, 04:22 PM
wow cool...a new federation with new incentives etc! the power of modern age and evolution...hope this federation lasts long!

09-13-2009, 05:53 PM
itd'b great to see another federation bring something new. but if the ifbb are going to suspend ppl for switching, i cant see it lasting, which is a shame

The Wbff
09-23-2009, 12:09 PM
2009 WBFF World Championship Photo Gallery - Courtesy of David Ford


See over 500 amazing high resolution photos of the 2009 WBFF World Championship by David Ford