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  1. Hey how have you been
  2. Hey there.
  3. hello jim
  4. I thought you'd get a kick out of this. [URL=""][/URL]
  5. merry christmas to you and your kids. i hope the holiday finds you and yours well and happy, my friend.
  6. Merry Christmas
  7. it encompasses quite a bit. my class will focus on western religion, almost exclusively Christianity, though it will deal with some pre-Christian stuff as well. it will deal with concepts of God, attributes of God, traditional arguments for and against, the nature of faith, that kind of stuff.
  8. Phil of religion. What does that look like. Can you give me the "for Dummies" version.
  9. somehow, i think the ambiguity in my answer to what happens when we die will be lost on most people here.
    it turns out i'll be teaching two classes of phil of religion next fall. it looks like all this reading might have some sort of practical application after all.
  10. They're good. The youngest got some shots today. I know I'm a horrible partent. In fact, the kids and my wife got the H1N1 vac. How about you?
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