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  1. Hope all is well with you, UKwildcat!

  2. [IMG][/IMG]
  3. robert da strongman was an excellent choice in the MOTY poll. Thank you for participating!
  4. Have a great weekend, man!
  5. I gotta find that. Maybe today I'll start spring cleaning! Need to just throw EVERYTHING out and start over.
  6. Yea it is Spike. It is the only anime I ever got into. I have the movie somewhere as well.
  7. That's Cowboy Bebop in your avatar, right? I have a DVD of that cartoon somewhere around here.
  8. Please check it out: [url][/url]
  9. Curt,

    Thanks man. I had a great weekend. BTW I am American. UK stands for the University of Kentucky. I get it all the time.
  10. Hey, I know it's not your country's holiday, but I hope you had a blast this weekend. How goes the training?

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