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  1. yea......can never predict what the judges are going to do (same here in regard to trying to put on more leg size/lol im 6 ft2" will come tho!)
    you def are heading for the "pro-ranks" PJ!
    just keep hammering away and you will get there!
    focus focus focus lol!
    tys bro!
  2. Looks pretty close there, obviously its hard to tell from one shot, but you got him on size.
    Next for me is nationals, still trying to put more size on my legs for now.
  3. I placed Second (trying 2 send u a pic )
    ahh it worked lol!
    im in the middle..............(shitty pic/kid on the right beat me)
    i wasn't hard enough (but neither was the other kid)

    we will get em next time tho!!

    how about you???........what's next for you?

  4. Hey bro, how did it go at the west palm show you were prepping for?
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